Monday, November 2, 2020

Several resources on how to stop a potential U.S. coup

No analysis here. Just a couple resources for immediate use.

"10 things you need to know to stop a coup" (

"6 Things We Must Do Right Now To Save America From A Constitutional Crisis" (

Choose Democracy is advising and training people on what they can do in the case of a coup.

Have money to donate? Organizations that aim to protect election results:

Protect the Results (and its allied organizations)
Common Cause
The Brennan Center for Justice Movement
Voter Project

Also, a 7-part series on the 2020 election, updated October 17 on Medium:
Part 1: Trump’s Motivations to Stay in Office
Part 2: Who’s Helping Trump to Remain in Office?
Part 3: How Will Americans Vote?
Part 4: Cheating to Win the Election
Part 5: What to Expect on Election Day and in the Transition Period
Part 6: The Chaos We Expect After the 2020 Election
Part 7: Fascism, and a Small Thing You Can Do Right Now

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