Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The angle at which I see the office...from these shoes

This pair of office shoes isn't too shabby, considering I've worn them about 10 years. At least, I thought they still looked OK when I looked down at my feet every day.

A pair of men's black dress shoes on the floor, seen from above.

Recently I began running and my knees demand a little more special attention. For some reason, I picked up my old pair of shoes and viewed them from an angle I'd never seen before. The heels surprised me. The inside of each heel had a sole 1 and 1/4" high. This contrasted with the way the sole had worn down on the outsides. The outside of the left heel was only 5/8" high, and the outside of the right heel was only 3/8" high. My feet must roll out to the side when I walk.

A pair of men's black dress shoes held on a person's lap, viewing the back of the heels.


  • Walk in a pair of shoes for ten years.
  • Change the pace at which I walk.
  • Go barefoot for a moment.
  • Look at the shoes from a new angle.
  • My right leg carries more weight than my left leg. I already knew this. But did I ever think about how it affects my shoes, and how my shoes might affect my knees?
  • I probably stand a little shorter when my feet roll outward and stand taller again when my feet roll inward.
  • Take care of my knees. Buy new shoes.
  • Check the tread on my car tires, while I'm at it.

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  1. Haha! I think my dad has shoes this old, but he buys Allen Edmonds and gets the soles and heels replaced locally, maybe you can do that if you want a knees-sustainable 10-year dress shoe. :) Mathew loves Rockports though, if you want a more comfortable dress shoe.


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