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War crime: Castration and killing of boys in South Sudan in 2015

Groups aligned with the South Sudanese military reportedly committed sexual violence against boys and girls over a period of several weeks in May 2015 in Unity state. In a story by the AP: At least 129 children were killed, with boys castrated and girls raped, during a government offensive against rebels last month in South Sudan, according to the U.N. children's agency. * * * ...UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake said survivors reported that boys were castrated and left to bleed out, while girls were gang raped and killed. Other children were thrown into burning buildings, he said... According to an article in Christian Today, this information was given to UNICEF by civilian witnesses and survivors who made it to the UN base in Bentiu, a city where tens of thousands of South Sudanese were seeking shelter. The witnesses said that the attackers did not want the children to grow up and exact revenge for the crimes they suffered in the civil war, so the attackers dec

The character Radha in Anand Mahadevan's 'The Strike' (2011)

The novel The Strike by Anand Mahadevan, published in 2011, is set in India in the 1980s. It focuses on the accidental troubles of an innocent boy, Hari. Radha, an hijra, first appears in Chapter 10. Hari meets her on a train after he wanders away from his family. She is initially described this way: “Her arms were slender and fine, though her skin was very dark. Her thick hair was pitch black and tied into a neat bun at the back, with coral jasmines braided around it. There was a trace of red kumkum powder where the furrow of the parting met her forehead and under the kumkum, a short grayish white stripe of holy ash on her forehead. A small golden earring dangled from an earlobe. An electric blue sari was draped loosely on her thin frame, over a blue cotton blouse. She squatted atop a small red suitcase, next to the toilets, in the corridor that led to the umbilical linking the coaches. A woven bamboo basket stood next to her.” She has been chewing betel nuts. In Hindi, sh