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On the attacks against trans girls in sports

The "mostly White male state legislators," Kevin B. Blackstone says in an April 18, 2021 column for the Washington Post , are "writing and passing retrograde bills against trans youth athletes" and "found the gall to couch these discriminatory laws in words such as 'fairness,' just as they have done with restrictive voting rules they envelop with words such as 'integrity.'" Yet: "There is nothing fair or honorable about these efforts. They are nothing more than malicious." The Alabama bill, deceptively titled the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act, would criminalize filling a prescription for puberty-blocking medication or hormones for kids under 19 . And when the Associated Press queried lawmakers in many of these states who are drafting and passing these anti-trans youth sports bills, those legislators struggled to name an instance where trans youth athletes created a problem . Thus: The anti-trans youth athle