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Three weeks, no shower, and 'Kafka By Way of Orwell'

The Dallas News tells the following story. An 18-year-old U.S. citizen was recently detained by U.S. Border Patrol. He was born in Dallas and lives in Texas. He has dual citizenship with Mexico, and he has a U.S. visitors visa that he used dozens of times to travel back and forth. When Border Patrol stopped him, the man was "carrying a Texas ID, wallet-sized birth certificate and Social Security card." The government wrote up a "Notice to Appear" dated June 29, 2019 that says: The Department of Homeland Security alleges that you: 1. You are not a citizen or national of the United States; 2. You are a native of MEXICO and a citizen of MEXICO; * * * 6. [After being stopped at the Falfurrias, Texas Border Control Checkpoint on or about June 27, 2019] you falsely represented yourself to be a citizen of the United States..." He is a U.S. citizen. Nonetheless, Border Patrol detained him and his younger brother. After two days, his younger brother chos