Friday, December 1, 2017

The most embarrassing 'Dr. Phil' episode

An article on "The most embarrassing 'Dr. Phil' episodes" was originally published to Helium Network in April 2014. The site went offline later that year. I moved the article to this blog in December 2017, where it has received over 1,000 page views.

Now, in April 2022, I have decided to take it down. You're on the right page, but I've scrubbed out the original words. These are new words.

Part of the reason I did this is that Dr. Phil recently had Matt Walsh on the show to make anti-transgender and anti-nonbinary arguments. I have thought about expanding on why this was a bad thing to do and why the episode is bad, but I never have any time nor emotional energy to do this. It is toxic to me.

Instead of a counter-screed, I make only a brief statement: The Matt Walsh episode is the most embarrassing Dr. Phil episode ever. Dr. Phil embarrassed himself, too, by hosting it.


The January 2022 episode



Where Matt Walsh stands in June 2022



Don't be anti-transgender. You embarrass yourself.

That's all I want to say.

(No, I do not have to blog here simply to prove that I can. If you are interested in my opinions and knowledge base on trans/queer matters, I have published three nonfiction books (see my bio) and three dozen blog posts about trans/queer matters. If you are genuinely interested in my thoughts, please read those, since they are already written.)

(Why are there words in this space, then? Again, because there were already words in this space for four years, and I no longer want them to be here, so I am explaining why I removed them.)

Actually, I do want to say one more thing: Please buy a book by a transgender author. Comments are closed to people who haven't done this.

The end.

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