Thursday, April 21, 2022

To meet climate goals, when do we have to 'walk and bike a lot more'? Now.

Farhad Manjoo in the New York Times:

"While it’s very nice that cars are transitioning from gas to electricity, switching the fuel source of our automobiles is unlikely to be enough to meet our goals for emissions reductions to combat climate change. Combating climate change also requires American to drive less and walk and bike a lot more than we do now."
bicycle in the rain on an urban street

So, regarding bike safety:

"American states and cities now have an opportunity to do [the] same [as Amsterdam]. But they must act fast, and they must act decisively. This is no time for half-decade-long action plans."
"Riding a Bike in America Should Not Be This Dangerous." Farhad Manjoo. New York Times. April 21, 2022.

See also: "'This is the Team': Collective Change on Climate". It's a 7-minute read on Medium. Medium lets you read a certain number of stories for free every month. You may also consider a paid membership on the platform.

If you like the bike photo, feel free to use it elsewhere. If you'd like to give credit, it's by Tucker Lieberman and you can find it on Pixabay.

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