Saturday, May 28, 2022

Calculating the financial value of a habitable planet

The Biden administration calculates the monetary cost of greenhouse gas emissions when it considers regulations. Some Republican-led states tried to block this, but the Supreme Court ruled on May 26 that the Biden administration could continue to do so.

Because I'm a subscriber, here's a gift link to read the article for free:

"Supreme Court Allows Greenhouse Gas Cost Estimates." Adam Liptak. New York Times. May 26, 2022.

This is different: "If the Supreme Court's conservative supermajority rules for the dirty coal companies in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency, it could gut the Clean Air Act and weaken the EPA's ability to stop power plants and other corporate polluters from emitting deadly, climate-wrecking pollution into our air."

Watch NRDC's 3-minute video — NRDC email, May 31, 2022

Related, and also with my free NYT pass:

"How Much Will the Wildfires Cost?" Jill Cowan. New York Times. September 16, 2020.

"As Wildfires Burn Out of Control, the West Coast Faces the Unimaginable." Thomas Fuller and Jack Healy. New York Times. September 13, 2020.

And as a throwback

"The value of the world's ecosystem services and natural capital." Costanza et al. Nature. May 15, 1997.

calculator and paper with numbers

Calculator by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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