Saturday, June 11, 2022

Can Fox News be made unprofitable?

Bobby Allyn says there are

"growing calls from online advertising watchers for there to be more transparency and accountability in the complex industry that is digital advertising, an ever-growing segment of the economy in which an estimated $521 billion was spent last year.

* * *

An exchange called Freewheel dropped Steve Bannon's Real America's Voice; another exchange called OpenX blocked Glenn Beck's the Blaze; Google severed ties with Dan Bongino's website. In all, the group estimates that the campaign has cut off millions of dollars from sites spreading disinformation.

"...Atkin...says her group is going after the 'ATM of the disinformation economy.'

* * *

About 95% of Fox's profits come from its cable division, so sacrificing online ads would barely put a dent in the company financially.

But Check My Ads staffers remain optimistic, saying the campaign is about more than depriving Fox of money. They maintain it is also focused on attacking Fox's legitimacy and stirring a larger advertising-wide conversation about who is financially supporting Fox, said the group's cofounder Nandini Jammi, who was also behind the social media activist organization Sleeping Giants."

Read more: "Group aiming to defund disinformation tries to drain Fox News of online advertising." Bobby Allyn. NPR. June 9, 2022.

Will people stop giving money to Fox? Maybe yes, maybe no. We can try. To far-right media, use the pocketbook to say:

illustration of the word: NO

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